Healthy Snack Program

The Healthy Snack Program was started at the school in 2001 and provides each of the children a choice of two snacks periodically throughout their school day.  These snacks consist of various seasonal fruits, cheese, crackers, vegetables and granola bars.  We serve over 175 children per day and we know they look forward to enjoying their “bin” daily.
The program is funded by the Ontario Student Nutrition Program and the Elgin Community Nutrition Partnership and is run throughout the year by a dedicated group of volunteers who buy, prepare and deliver the snacks to the classrooms.
Although our grants allow us to provide these snacks for our children, we also have fundraisers, ie: yogurt tube sales, etc. to offset these expenses. 
We are thankful for the Provincial and local grants which enable us to provide what we feel is a healthy snack for each child.