School Council - Parent Involvement

Your involvement in the school council gives you the opportunity to enhance the partnership between parents, students, teachers, principals and the school board. School councils work as a team to ensure the highest quality of education and promote student achievement in each school.

Springfield PS School Council Members

Chair - Angela Rochus
Treasurer - Scott Maltby
Secretary - Janette Wall
Principal - Elisabeth Kaufmann

Teacher Representative - Angela McCallum & Tena Smithson
Non-Teacher Representative - Sheri Webb

Our Council Cares! It is incredible what a small group of committed, passionate people can do to support our Spitfires. The Springfield School Council is involved in many activities and events to assist our students and staff in making great things happen.

Once again we invite you to be part of a dynamic, innovative team who works collaboratively to enhance the school experiences of our Springfield Spitfires.

Springfield PS School Council Nomination & Candidate Form for 2021

Springfield PS School Council By-Laws

The School Council Minutes and Agendas are listed below.
Council will meet each month at 3:35 PM in the school library.  Visit our School Calendar to view dates.

Agenda and Minutes for 2021-2022

May 12 Agenda

April 14 Minutes - DRAFT

April 14 Agenda

March 10 Minutes - DRAFT

January 13 Agenda

November 25 Minutes - DRAFT

November 25 Agenda

October 21 Minutes - DRAFT

October 21 Agenda

September 30 Minutes - DRAFT

September 30 Agenda

June 10 Minutes - DRAFT